Life is unbelievably short and all too often in middle-age we begin to gain weight, have less energy, start taking one or more prescription drugs, all while tasks we used to handle with ease become more and more difficult, if not impossible. In short, we begin to look tired and feel worn. Our goal at Live Young Wellness Spa is to reverse this trend allowing one to continue to live life to the fullest every minute of every day or to put it another way… Look Young, Feel Young, Live Young!!

How do we reach the goal? Well, we use a team approach. Your journey will start with us with one or two initial consultations. You will do an initial hormone consult with one of our medical providers, get lab work drawn and finish with a skin care consult with one or our aestheticians. This gives us our starting point and an objective baseline. You will then get a personalized plan for your journey including a varying combination of hormone replacement therapy, a skin care plan, an exercise regimen, and a follow up time to begin your journey.

Live Young Wellness Spa
The only Medspa in Flower Mound with an on-site,
Board Certified Plastic Surgeon as the Medical Director.


We have experienced double-digit growth every year we have been open since 2013 because of our core principles.  Come see why people like us!
Live Young Core Principles:
1. Always work with a servant’s heart
2. If it does not work, then we don’t sell it
3. Avoid the fake look (our reputation outweighs profit every time)
4. Treat other businesses like we would want to be treated
5. Be a trusted expert by providing honest opinions in a low-pressure Med Spa environment 
Live Young Wellness Spa
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