cheek fillers

3 Ways Cheek Fillers Help Improve Your Face

When we were little, it was only natural for our parents and grandparents to want to squeeze our checks as a sign of their love and affection. After all, they were plump, rosy, and gave us that adorable face everyone couldn’t get enough of. Sadly, our cheeks don’t always stay that way as we age.…

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement

Feel young again with Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

We all get older, but do we have to constantly feel that way, too? For some of us, that means less energy, sleepless nights, memory loss, or even a dwindling sex drive. For others, getting older means getting sick easily and falling victim to more invasive diseases that affect the quality of life. While it’s…

Laser Treatment

Sciton Halo Laser Treatment: Great Results With Minimal Downtime

We all know that over time, your skin loses its youthful appearance and glow due to sun exposure. Laser treatments were designed years ago to reverse that trend, but until now, those who tried it said it wasn’t always effective and mostly had a longer than normal recovery. Well, what if we told you those…

MicroLaser Peel

Benefits and expectations of MicroLaser Peel

Are you tired of all those fine lines and wrinkles on your face? How about the years of sun damage that have your skin looking older and tired? You may think you’re stuck with these annoying imperfections, but beneath that outer layer of skin is a whole new face that is healthier, younger-looking, beautiful, and…

IV therapy

Boost your immune system this flu season with IV therapy

Maintaining our health and overall wellness is incredibly important, especially in this day and age. After all, not only should we worry about the ever-increasing threat of COVID-19, but now we have flu season upon us. There are so many ways to stay healthy during these strange times, but one of the best suggestions we…

Botox injector

Top 5 Benefits of Botox

Benefits of Botox. If there is one anti-aging treatment that we get asked about the most and people want to learn more about through online searches, it’s Botox. These wrinkle-erasing dermal fillers are currently the No. 1 non-surgical procedure for women nationwide, and when performed by the right professional, they really do work! Botox cosmetic…

Resting Metabolic Rate Test

Why should you get a Resting Metabolic Rate Test done?

We’ve been on quite the health kick lately talking about the role nutrition plays in helping our customers look and feel good from the inside out. To be another resource for you in that journey, Live Young Wellness Spa added a registered dietician nutritionist to our team and recently purchased a machine that eliminates the…

Visit With An RDN Nutritionist - Maggie Hennigan

8 Reasons Why You Should Visit With An RDN

It seems like there is a med spa on every street corner these days. And considering the array of services they all offer, patients might find it difficult to notice even the most subtle of differences. One of the many ways Live Young Wellness Spa in Flower Mound separates itself is that we have an…


Don’t forget: Facials are also incredibly relaxing

Facials have long been known as a great way to eliminate impurities, fine lines, and pesky wrinkles in your skin and give your face that glowing and forever-ageless look you deserve. But did you know that facials are also incredibly relaxing? Relaxation is the name of the game these days. Between work, hustling to get…

IV therapy

What are the common benefits of IV therapy?

One service we don’t talk a lot about but should is IV therapy. Now, you may be wondering what that has to do with what we do at Live Young Wellness Spa, and we can’t blame you. After all, IV’s are traditionally used in hospital or long-term care settings. But believe it or not, it…