Exercise - Live Young Wellness SpaWe are not a gym nor do we offer fitness programs at Live Young. However, to try to discuss feeling young without exercise is almost silly.  Regardless of age, health or mobility status, almost everyone can do some form of it. Furthermore, if the benefits could be put into a pill every person who entered Live Young Wellness Spa would receive a prescription for the “pill” and the inventor of the drug would most certainly win the Nobel Prize. 

Exercise helps almost every organ system in the human body.  Literally from your head (improving mental health) to your toes (musculoskeletal strength) and everything in between – gastrointestinal, cardiovascular, pulmonary, endocrine and skin – just to name a few.  We will be asking you about your exercise program.  We have relationships with several gyms and trainers in the area.  Whether you are a powerlifter, distance runner, ballet dancer or just like to go on long walks, we are happy to help find a program that is right for you and get you headed in the right direction.