Are you sick and tired of waking up sick and tired?  Around the age of 35, our natural hormone levels in our body begin to decline to making it more difficult to maintain lean muscle and keep an adequate energy level.  Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy can make a dramatic, life-changing improvement in mood and health for a majority of patients.   

First, a little about hormones…

Hormones are chemical messengers in the body allowing different organ systems and cells to communicate with each other.  Hormones control nearly every process in the human body.  As we age, the levels of hormones begin to decrease.  Current textbooks and lab ranges refer to a “normal” level of testosterone for a woman older than 19 are to be 8-60ng/dl. 

Previously we might have considered a testosterone level of 8ng/dl in a woman to be part of normal aging. However, an active woman who enjoys the energy, maintaining lean muscle, good skin, and a healthy sex life is going to be much happier and satisfied with a level of 60 or higher.  This is an example of optimizing your hormones to a healthy, beneficial level based on symptoms rather than “normal” lab values.  Similar examples could be made for men and for multiple hormones, not just testosterone. 



  1. Health Assessment – During your initial visit, one of his providers will perform a comprehensive health assessment including a thorough detailed medical history, current symptoms, physical exam and a simple blood draw for an extensive panel of labs to include your pertinent hormone levels. We will also discuss the various medication choices including the advantages and disadvantages of them all in order to help you choose what best fits your life, health and goals.  We also discuss exercise options because at Live Young Wellness Spa, we believe whole-heatedly in the synergistic effect of exercise and hormones on mood and health.  Finally, you will likely leave with prescriptions to begin your hormone optimization ranging from pellets, creams, or oral pills. 
  2. Follow-up and Lab Review – Four to eight weeks after your initial visit, you will follow up to discuss your lab work. This allows time for you to get an understanding about how the initial medications are going and time for all lab work to return. 
  3. On-going Maintenance – Follow up appointments are an integral part of the Live Young hormone process. In order to optimize each hormone, we will need to check levels periodically and adjust dosages or frequencies as needed.  Lab rechecks and follow up appointments are critical to optimize your hormone levels and require some compliance and commitment on your part to make your program healthy and successful. 
Live Young Wellness Spa
The only Medspa in Flower Mound with an on-site,
Board Certified Plastic Surgeon as the Medical Director.


We do not Accept Insurance

In order to do what is best for you, we do not allow health insurance companies of any form to get in the middle of what we do.  Insurance companies make millions and even billions yearly.  In fact, the top eight health insurance companies in 2017 paid their CEO’s collectively $342.6 million with the highest paid CEO alone making over $83 million.  They are primarily in business to make a profit, not for your health. 


 Because our goal is to take amazing care of the people who trust us, we are constantly pushing to provide excellent service and show appreciation to all our hormone clients.  If you are coming down with a minor medical ailment and need an antibiotic or something similar, send us an email, and someone will usually respond within 24 hours.  We do not manage emergencies in this manner, so if you think you could have a real emergency, go to your closest emergency room. However, for example, if you are on vacation and have a sinus infection, email us. We will call you to evaluate your symptoms and most likely call the required medications into a pharmacy near you. If you are busy with work but begin to feel the symptoms of an uncomplicated urinary tract infection, then avoid the long line and expensive bill at an urgent care center and email us.

Call us if you are a hormone client who accidentally sustains a laceration. If Dr. Sanderson is in any way able to see you and take care of you in our office, he will.  Why let an ER doctor close the laceration when a board-certified plastic surgeon could do it?  There is an extra (reasonable) charge for this, but it is much cheaper in most cases than an emergency room visit.

Other crossover benefits you will receive as a Live Young Hormone Client are $1 off every unit of Botox, $50 off every syringe of filler, 10% off all cosmetic surgery, and 50% off for our Intravenous therapy.  The discount on IV therapy alone would allow you to get a liter of IV fluid for as low as $100.