People who have heard me talk about maintaining a youthful appearance, know I rank Botox treatments very high on the list of worthwhile treatments. Botox is about maintenance. Two weeks after the injection your skin absolutely looks better, but maintaining it is the key to long-term improvement. I believe this so much that if I feel like the budget is an issue, I try to get people to treat a smaller area that they can afford to treat every three to four months rather than treating their entire forehead, between their eyebrows and their crow’s feet once and then not returning for a year.

This membership with a 1-year commitment costs only $110 per month, allowing $110/month to go towards neurotoxin at our cheapest rate.

What is the Cost? 

It is just $110 per month and we ask for a 1-year commitment.  Should you decide to cancel before 1 year, there is a $200 cancellation fee.