Dr. Sanderson graduated from Texas State University with honors and then went on to graduate in the top 20% of his medical school class.  After medical school, he did 7 years of surgical training completing two residencies and becoming double board certified in otolaryngology-head and neck surgery and in plastic and reconstructive surgery.  He maintains a busy plastic surgical practice but has dedicated much of his time and energy into the creation and growth of the Live Young Wellness Spa idea, core principles, and philosophy. 

Dr. Sanderson began optimizing his own hormones with testosterone in his late 30’s and because of the positive change in his energy level and his ability to develop and maintain lean muscle, he quickly became a believer.  Dr. Sanderson knew immediately he wanted to incorporate hormone therapy into what his spa was offering.  He felt the combination of good skin care with hormones would have a synergistic effect in keeping a person looking and feeling youthful.   

During the planning process for the Live Young Wellness Spa, like anything else in Dr. Sanderson’s life, he wanted it to be the best.  He has carefully selected skin treatments that work, the most effective, evidence-based, hormone therapy and an intelligent, dedicated team to implement the best wellness spa in the city, state and even in the country.

Dr. Sanderson has also served proudly in the U.S. Army Reserve for 13 years including one combat deployment to Iraq.  He currently holds the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.  Your patronage to Live Young Wellness Spa helps support a veteran-owned business.