I often tell people, the fight to maintain a youthful appearance is much like exercise.  If you go to the gym and lift weights once then don’t expect to have muscular arms and 6-pack abs.  For your skin, if you do just one treatment, one time then don’t expect to have amazing skin and look a decade younger than your peers.  Our Live Young Prime Memberships are going to make it much easier to treat your skin at more regular intervals and win the fight in maintaining a youthful appearance. 

What is the Cost? 

It is just $139 per month and we ask for a 1-year commitment.  Should you decide to cancel before 1 year, there is a $200 cancellation fee. 




The process starts with a skin analysis and personalized month-to-month plan with one of our aestheticians followed by a 30-minute appointment every month for any of the services below.  You can alter the plan should your skin care goals change.  Also as a member, you will receive injectable discounts of $1 off per unit of Botox and $50 off any single syringe of filler.   

  • Laser Hair Removal: The name says it all.
  • BBL Photo Facial: Targets brown spots, reduces redness, & generates collagen.
  • Hydrasilk: Deeply cleanses & hydrates the skin.
  • Profractional Treatment
  • Microlaser Peel
  • FemiLift: Vaginal resurfacing, $200 extra for the sleeve.
  • Signature Relaxing Facial: Customized for your personal skin needs.
  • Clear V: Treats visible vessels, broken capillaries, spider veins, vascular lesions, skin discoloration, and more.
  • Clear Silk: Address skin imperfections and boost skin revitalization with a no-downtime solution.
  • Microneedling: Improves the texture of the skin.
  • Moxi
  • IV Therapy: A boost of energy, vitamins, minerals, & rapid hydration.
  • VI Chemical Peel
  • 2 Millimeter Spot Ablation

Treatments that require more time.

  • Microneedling
  • Profractional Treatment
  • Microlaser Peel
  • Moxi

What if I need more than a 30-minute appointment?

No problem… You have two options: Pay $139 for an extra 30 minutes of time whenever you need it or you can roll your minutes from one month to the next and use an hour the next month to get the treatment you want.

People will spend hundreds of dollars on one clothing outfit they may only wear a few times.  You wear your skin daily… isn’t it worth $139?



Many of you know about our Live Young Wellness Spa (LYWS) Prime program where you get 30 minutes of medspa time for only $139 per month. It makes multiple medspa treatments much more affordable. We are now offering the LYWS Prime Plus program which allows you to get 3 Botox treatments per year using up to 40 units per treatment for only $249 per month. To summarize, for $249 per month you get 30 minutes of medspa time every month and 40 units of Botox 3 times per year. To do the math for you, it allows you to get the medspa time which saves you several hundred dollars every month depending on the treatment, but also Botox on a regular basis at $12.50 per unit. This is one dollar per unit savings for current Prime Members and two dollars per unit savings for non-prime members.

People who have heard me talk about maintaining a youthful appearance, know I rank Botox and our BBL treatments very high on the list of worth-while treatments. Botox is about maintenance. Two weeks after injection your skin absolutely looks better, but maintaining it is the key to long-term improvement. I believe this so much that if I feel like budget is an issue, I try to get people to treat a smaller area, that they can afford to treat every three to four months rather than treating their entire forehead, between their eyebrows and their crow’s feet once and then not returning for a year. It is this thought process that spawned the Prime Plus Program. Our goal is for our clients to look youthful and the Prime Plus Program is a huge, more affordable step toward that goal.